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Cost Segregation Services

Reduce Taxes &

ncrease Cash Flow

Cost Segregation Benefits...

▲ Reduce Federal Income Taxes

▲ Increase Cash Flow

▲ Increase Net Income

▲ Maximize Depreciation


Properties Benefiting from 
ost Segregation Studies...

 ▲ Office Buildings

▲ Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

▲ Apartment Complexes

▲ Hospitals, Medical, & Dental Facilities

▲ Restaurants

▲ Auto Dealerships

▲ Banks & Financial Institutions

▲ Hotels & Resorts

▲ Manufacturing Plants

▲ R & D Facilities

▲ Distribution Warehouses


Our Engineering-Based
Cost Segregation Studies
will provide...

▲ Comprehensive Review of Property 

▲ On-Site Inspection of Property

▲ Comprehensive Report

▲ Written Documentation of Findings

▲ Photo Documentation

▲ Schedule of Reclassified Assets 


Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Services

Cost Segregation is a strategic tax planning tool that allows you to increase cash flow and accelerate your federal and state income tax depreciation deductions on real estate you have purchased, constructed, expanded, or remodeled including landlord or tenant improvements.

A Cost Segregation Study identifies, segregates, and reclassifies all building costs that qualify for shorter depreciable lives. Many costs that were originally classified in commercial real property categories, with a depreciable life of 27.5 or 39 years, can be reclassified into personal property or land improvement categories with shorter depreciable lives of 5, 7, or 15 years.  This accelerated depreciation reduces taxes and increases net income.

Cost Segregation Studies benefit new construction, building acquisitions, and renovations to existing property, including leasehold improvements by lessor or lessee and improvements by an owner/occupant.

Cost Segregation Studies are supported by over 200 IRS and tax court rulings, including the Hospital Corporation of America V. Comm. 109 TC 21 in 1997, which provides legal support to use Cost Segregation Studies for the reclassification of assets and computing depreciation.

The reclassification of assets can range from 10 to 70% depending on the type of facility.  Many clients receive a net present value cash flow savings of 10 to 20 times their investment for the cost segregation study. In addition, the IRS allows for “Catch-Up” Depreciation on reclassified assets.

Millennium Commercial Group uses an Engineering-Based approach to Cost Segregation Studies incorporating our professionals in  Engineering, Accounting, & Cost Segregation. Our engineers have inspected over 5,000 properties and have over 16 years experience providing engineering consulting services and cost estimating throughout the country. 


You can count on our Cost Segregation Professionals
to take maximum advantage of all allowable tax savings
opportunities associated with your property. 

For a No-Cost Evaluation, please contact:

Bob Yazowski  402-699-4960


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